Recently, I photographed Brittany and her family in their beautiful Central Illinois home. Brittany is a talented makeup artist, and often works with my senior & boudoir clients as well as our brides. Her family is adorable, and I had been looking forward to this session for months! We decided to use the session to celebrate their youngest, Vin turning 6 months old. The family has lived in their home for almost a year and is ready for some amazing memories to hang on their walls.

Why do an in home photo session?

This is your family’s happy place. Where else are your kids more comfortable than in their own home? The main purpose of photographing your family is to capture a snapshot of who they are right now. Sure, it’s important to have that picture where everyone is smiling and looking directly at the camera. Grandma will love those especially. But it’s equally important to capture everyone’s unique personalities and the connections you have with one another. Few people of any age are “comfortable” in front of the camera. Everyone is more likely to let their guard down and show their true personality while at home.

Document the everyday and create a legacy for your family. Pictures at home will transport you back to your daily lives, this period of your life, instantly. When I look at photos I have in our home with my family, I feel SO much. Family pictures at home can show where you cuddle up as a family or even something you love to do together such as baking or reading. Your home naturally lends itself to a documentary and lifestyle type of photography that is at both current and the perfect way to preserve your family history.

It is easy! Seriously. You don’t have to pack up snacks, make sure that you have extra clothes, worry about the weather (since we never know what Illinois weather will bring), OR EVEN CLEAN. Your house is perfect the way it is, and we can shove aside anything that is in the way easily during a session.

Window light is beautiful. Right now you might be thinking “ok, my children would be comfortable, my house doesn’t have to be perfectly clean, and I can ditch the snack bag, BUT my house is dark. Question for ya- does your house have windows? If the answer is yes, we will find the good light. It is my job to find the light in your house and tell you where to go. I will do that and it will be beautiful. I also come prepared with gear and tricks to maximize your light. Don’t worry about a thing.

Getting comfy, relax, and connect. At your house we will never risk having to take photos in front of an audience at the park. If you are craving photos that show connection and the love and quirks in your family relationships, opening up in the place where you would naturally be open is effortless and fun.

These images were photographed entirely on Kodak film. All sessions with kDarling Photography are photographed on film. What does that mean for you? That means not much will change for you friends, you'll still receive your images via an online gallery. You'll still be able to print where you wish or through my professional lab. What will change? I will get to slow down a bit at your sessions, allowing me to pay closer attention to details. We'll get to know each other better, and we'll have even more fun! And best yet - you’ll get your session back much sooner! Sound great - you're excited? Me too!



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